Ps….lips real review

I know everyone is going crazy about Penny’s range of make up. Maybe is suitable for some of you and it’s good enough but I don’t think any of make up artists would use it expecting from the products to last on their clients. 

I gave it a chance. Thought to myself I will find out if it’s worth to clog your drawers with new pencils and lipsticks go only €2 a piece. At the end of the day you can save a lot of money, right? 

I bought Red lip liner and 2 Matt lipsticks. 

First I tried lip liner and must say that the Colour is pretty vibrant. Red is nice. 

I have waited 2 minutes to see if it comes off easily and to my disappointment you can remove it with few moves of your finger. Which means it’s not going to last. 

So for something that you pay €1.50 is ok as long as you know that it’s not going to last a long time and might smudge with every sip of coffee. 

I moved onto red lipstick. Colour is gorgeous, stands out nicely. It would look amazing with smokey eyes or just black liquid liner but for a lipstick that supposed to be Matt it has too much shine. It looks like a normal lipstick

I did a test and kissed my hand good few times to see will it smudge easily and how long before it looses its Colour. Not that you would be doing a lot of kissing 😉 but it was worth trying 🙂 It turns out that it didn’t loose Colour much but it did smudge a lot so if you do a lot of kissing you end up with smudged red face 🙂 

Is it worth spending €2 on something that makes you look like that ? You can decide. 

So I washed it off and applied the Naked lipstick and Colour looked really natural but again it didn’t have Matt effect. Maybe it wasn’t supposed to be Matt they just called it Matte? I didn’t do much of a research as I thought I will be giving a review from a customer pout of view. Simply bought it and tried it left disappointed. Definitely not going to get Kylie Jenner nude lips with this lipstick unless you do some tricks with powder etc to make it more Matt etc but not everyone has time and knowledge to do it. 

So basically if you want cheap and cheerful product but correct your lips every 5 minutes and worry about smudged kisses then yeah why not? 

I would go for something more long lasting and less stressful even if it costs a bit more. 



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