Beautifying Lip Smoother

Beautifying Lip Smoother by Catrice Cosmetics.

Catrice Cosmetics is a sister brand of Essence both made in Germany and worldwide recognised. This brand is sold is in most of the countries. I saw this brand in the chemists many times but didn’t pay much attention as I thought is one of those cheap brands that everyone is crazy about but is not worth using and spending money.

My priority when buying make up is lasting. If something doesn’t last it is not worth the money, like MAC lipsticks. I have picked up this lip smoother together with Glamour magazine as an additional gift. I got 010 Sweet Caramel shade.

Package: Very nice, I like it. It’s nice and clean, professional looking. You recognise the colour by the colour of the package which is handy, but because it’s not see through you can’t see how much is left. I think I prefer where it’s fully covered as it doesn’t look cheap.

The package says: Lip Balm for smooth lips that beautifies your lips with an intense, shiny finish and optically even outs fine lines.

13718131_10210210599680520_477880407_oWhen you open it you can see there is a fluffy top. It allows the application of the gloss to be easier and nicer, balm doest spill. But if you think about hygiene, all dirt and anything that can be on your lips it is transferred onto the lip balm and then back onto your lips again.

To start you need to squirt it from the tube. As I mentioned it doesn’t spill so it’s a nice feature. You can save the product and not worry about getting messy and applying too much to your lips.

One thing is that the colour doesn’t have much coverage. It does look light brown when is out but 13692258_10210210599840524_1340077712_owhen applied to the lips this effect is not even noticed.
Is it worth buying? Well, I think it is if it’s cheap. I wouldn’t be spending many € on it. I have applied it to my lips and left it for an hr and it didn’t dry out and my lips felt soft. It doesn’t feel sticky at all just oily but not too oily. I would use it instead of usual lip balm in lipstick form.

Cheap and cheerful. Available in 5 colours.


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