Fluffy Trainers ? #fluffyshoes

If 10 years ago someone tried to sell you a fluffy shoes you would think it’s crazy, but today this is actual fashion! After velvet nails or as some of you called them fluffy nails, come fluffy shoes!


Trend for trainers is coming back, which is great as we girls appreciate flat shoes trend, right? Now it is allowed to wear colourful snickers with short dress, even sparkly one. This look doesn’t discuss anyone any more 🙂 Even though I think todays fashion is not very flattery to women but on the other side I love it as it gives so much to play with! Doesn’t restrain us only to wearing heels with dresses, trainers with jeans or sweat pants. We have a choice of leather, material, fluffy, sparkly, flashing, see through, plastic etc. shoes. Amazing.


13606733_1747089828894026_4883512600000833788_nT-shirts giving written statements have been produced for decades but this time you can find T-shirts that doesn’t have to say anything serious, doesn’t need to express our personality. Is it a good thing?

I have to admit that I love printed t-shirst. When I see one I can’t resist to buy one. Always looking for bargains. Always looking for funny ones, that can draw attention and others can laugh when they read the writings.

I believe Zara always have great T-shirts with fun writings or prints. I always pick up few. The ones in a picture I saw in Poland and thought there were funny so I bought them. What do you think?




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