Metal Chrome Effect 

Metal Chrome Effect

This Effect has broke the internet In the Last couple of weeks. Indigo nails lAb In Ireland they were the first who manage to get it to us craving nail techs. There was a lot of rumours going around as its not safe to use etc.

When I found out that Indigo Nails Lab Ireland has it I have approached them to send me a sample as I wanted to try it out and get my nails done for my summer holidays in Poland. From watching all videos I knew that I need no wipe top coat so I used Akzentz Shine-on no wipe top coat to achieve the effect. It is not available in Ireland but I believe that Indigo has a top coat that can work perfectly. Hope you love it.

img_3097Prepare the natural nail. You can apply different colours underneath for different effect. I could see black being used and it looked really good. Play around.

img_3098Apply thin coat of no wipe gel polish top coat. Cure in LED lamp. Powder sticks to smooth dry surface the best.

img_3099img_3096 It is better to use glove to apply it to the nail as it is easier to rub it into the nail. Keep going until you will achieve that nice and smooth effect.

img_3101 Once you have this done, proceed with applying gel polish top coat. It is better to use the same. Bare in mind to keep one for using it only with this powder as small particulars are getting stuck to the brush making the top coat dirty inside.

WATCH VIDEO NOW and subscribe to the channel for more videos coming!



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