LuMee in love :-) and filter apps

I have struggled with taking pictures so many times as I have shadows under my eyes, mainly cause by lack of sleep but sometimes my lashes make it and my face doesn’t look that glamorous any more.

I have seen on Facebook many times girls talking about the apps and also light for your phone. Ok, I am not like KK taking pics of myself every five minutes but I thought I will look into it. Owners of all iPhones knows the struggle when taking pics in the pubs, night club, evening time when the pics don’t come out great as the phone is not suitable for no light pics. I was always jealous of Samsung phones as they have better camera and pics are coming out better in dark. Nevertheless I would never quit using iPhones.

So I started Googling all lights for phones and came across Lumee, as seen used by KK many times. It is quite pricey and I know that you can find dopes on Ebay, Amazon etc. but I am not a fan of buying cheap without making 100% sure it works the same and if something goes wrong I can send it back to Dublin instead of chasing PayPal or Seller on Ebay for weeks.

So I bought it and paid over €60. I know I know it’s expensive! But I have to tell you not knowing how the rest of the dopes look like I am really happy with this one. It’s white and clean. After few days carrying in the pockets, my purse, being on the ground many times and being dropped few times it’s still perfect.

How does it work? Amazing! I have done few pics in the dark and then used Lumee and the difference was stunning! And you know the best thing about it is when you are taking the picture you are not closing your eyes as this doesn’t flash or anything. It glows nicely and all you have to do is smile 🙂 Read below about the apps 🙂

Pic without Lumee
Pic without Lumee
Pic using Lumee
Pic using Lumee

So you now have this amazing light for your phone, and you take a picture but still doesn’t look great as you can see all your wrinkles, shadows etc. Thinking why all the other girls look so amazing on their pictures posted in social media? Well, same as the models does look astonishing in the magazines – pics are filtered, photoshopped. Of course we are not graphic designers especially in the night club when you are under some influentials 😉

Best thing to do is download apps that are slightly correcting your face but not too much. Some apps can even change your hair colour, do your make up and dress you up in D&G if you wish 🙂 You don’t need to spend ages in the bathroom to take one nice picture anymore 🙂

Second picture was taken using Lumee of course and also application called PhotoRus. It has different features that allows you to choose what kind of photo you want to take, whether it’s beauty or normal. It does the work for you, smoothing out all imperfections. Should we use it? Hell yeah! Why not? If you wish to look nice, you need to start using it. If you wish to let everyone knows that shared picture is without filter you just say it, as everyone presumes nowadays that all pictures are with the filters.


Love K



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