How to do perfect gel polish toes for summer!


Recently I have received few products from Makear Ireland, a company who distributes gel polish brand Makear. As an editor of nail magazine in Ireland I have seen many small companies coming and going, struggling to present their products to the customers, but everyone has one thing in common, very much believed in their product being the best.

Believing your product is the best is the most powerful in world of selling. So I have promised to try it out! Why not? I am mad about everything nails and as a professional I get to try all types of nail products. I chose few colours but I really loved pink one. It’s bright colour, it has more pink hint than white which looks amazing with the tan on my toes ( all naturalle :-))

Review: Makear gel polishes are very pigmented and easy to use. They are similar to CND Shellac but not as thick in consistency but not as watery as Gelish or Artisan. I think manufacturers were looking for a happy medium taking into account that lots of nail techs complain about Shellac being to thick and drying too fast and Gelish being too watery and damaging the bristles too quickly inside the bottle. For a much smaller price as it only costs €10 per bottle I think it’s worth a try and they have amazing bright colours! Something perfect for the summer time! When you apply it towards the cuticle area it doesn’t overflow it which means you have a good control of the product. Bottles are smaller size but the price is smaller too so I think we can live with that. What I love about it is that bottles doesn’t look cheap. It has nice golden design at the front which allows customers to trust the product too. And of course the best idea ever, same as Artisan have colour pops at the top of the bottles! And it is exactly the same as the colours inside! It’s easier to find a colour and also your customers can look at them from a distance. I don’t know how does it last as I will find out in few weeks but I promise I will let you know.

To see more of those products go to Makear Ireland 



  1. First I have peeped my toes. What I mean by that is that I have removed old gel polish from my toes and gently buffed the surface. Pushed back cuticles. This is important in performing this on your own toes as we tend to leave this part out and then in one week we see that big gap and we want to change the colour already. You can soak your feet first in the warm bowl of water adding a bit of salt or bath salt to it. It will draw all the moisture and get rid of the odour. After soaking your skin will be much softer so you can event push the cuticles back with the towel. If you are very good at handling your own toes you can trim the cuticles. But do it gently. Remove oils from the surface with acetone. Apply thin layer of base coat gel polish. Remember this is a gel polish not normal nail polish. This product requires UV or LED lamp. Cure for for 30 seconds ( LED ) 2 minutes in UV lamp or per manufacturer’s instructions. 13598905_10210085692637922_1987834024_n
  2. Take out a small amount of pink gel polish and apply it to the toe nails. If you go over cuticles take a small brush and dip it in the acetone, then wipe the excess off with the brush. Don’t push the product towards the cuticles when applying it. Simply press down the brush with gel polish and slide it down. Don’t cap it either as this will cause a lump at the edge. Once you have this done, cure it in the lamp per manufacturer’s instructions.13576412_10210085729438842_1692686645_n
  3. Once it’s cured apply another thin layer of the product. Again be careful in the cuticle area. Wipe it off with the brush if necessary. Colour should cover nicely but if you think it’s not enough you can do the third coat. Just remember that each coat should be very thin as the toe nails will look lumpy. Cure in the lamp again. 13578628_10210085729478843_433858754_n
  4. The best part is to come! Do you think it’s finished? Hell No. I always add some bling to my toe nails as we are getting better weather now and then 🙂 or perhaps you are going on holidays and you want those little piggies to sparkle in the sun! You can go all crazy with glitter but you would cover that nice pink and believe me it would sparkle but it wouldn’t look classy. I personally prefer a bit of glitter so it sparkles just to catch people’s attention. So I used gold glitter that I love and often use with my clients. Using fan brush dip one side into the glitter and place it on toes. Remember that you don’t have much space so pick only a little bit up no to cover the whole space in glitter. 13595655_10210085729238837_1856244625_n13578874_10210085729358840_1488471469_n
  5. Once it’s done you don’t need to put it into the lamp. Take Makear gel polish top coat and apply thin layer covering the glitter. It shouldn’t move if you do it nice and gently. Cure it. Once it’s done take cotton wool and remove the sticky layer. Finish with cuticle oil to remove that dry look.

Final Look:


FullSizeRender 2


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